Auto. Manual & Switchable Reset Circuit Breakers. Single Pole Themal Type



●   Ratings: 25A-150A
●   Interrupt Rating: 3000A@48V DC
●   Temperature Min. Operating:-25°F(-32°C) TO 180F°(82°C); Max.:-30°F(-34°C) TO 300F°(149°C)
●   Material: Black UL-rated 94V0 thermoset plastic. Thermoplastic elastomer stud insulators are provided on covered unites with Surface mount bases Tin plated copper studs, brass rivets and stainless steel locking nuts.
●   Termination: 1/4″-28(M6)
●   Torgue Rating: 50 in-lbs(5.6Nm)max.
●   Mounting torque rating: 50 in-lbs(5.6Nm) max. Threaded insert option has a max torque of 25in-lbs(2.8Nm)
●   Ingress protection rating: Ip67.
●   Indicator: Series surface mount/panel mount have unique reset mechanism which provides visual indication.Also features a push-to-trip option.
●   Compliances: SAE J1625, SAE J1171(ignition protected), CE.
Surface Mount Panel Mount Rating
HF65-025A HF65-025B 25A
HF65-030A HF65-030B 30A
HF65-040A HF65-040B 40A
HF65-050A HF65-050B 50A
HF65-060A HF65-060B 60A
HF65-070A HF65-070B 70A
HF65-080A HF65-080B 80A
HF65-100A HF65-100B 100A
HF65-120A HF65-120B 120A
HF65-135A HF65-135B 135A
HF65-150A HF65-150B 150A


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