Additional Modules, Extend for HF60-004AP, 006AP, 008AP



Item No. Function Circuit Breakers Cut-out
HF60-011 Power Socket 15A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-012 Double USB(2.1+1.0a) 5A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-013 Cigarette Socket 10A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-014 12/24v Digital Voltmeter 5A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-015 Double Digital Voltmeter Batt1/Batt2 5A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-016 Bilge Pump 10A*1 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)
HF60-017 Battery Test 42mm(1.65″)x82mm(3.23″)


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